Residential Rehabilitation and Detox

Residential Rehab Treatment and Detox Program

Residential rehab is the first phase after residential detox in addiction treatment. Joining a residential program is one of the most important parts of drug and alcohol rehab. Residential rehab is a way for a substance addict to take a step back from the stress of their daily life. Being able to completely focus on finding control through sobriety is what makes our residential rehab programs so successful. We help you in your journey to personal recovery in a safe, supportive and therapeutic place.

Benefits of Florida Residential Rehab

What are the benefits of joining a residential rehab program at the Florida Experience? There are various different residential rehab centers options. However, the Florida Experience provides you with a medical AND clinical approach to treatment. After medical detox, patients are able to stay in the same facility for their residential treatment program where staff will tailor a treatment plan based off your individual needs.

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Inpatient Rehab Campus

When you enter residential rehab at The Florida House Experience, you will join a nurturing community. Inpatient rehab members are immediately welcomed into our ‘Florida House Family’. We provide a home-like environment for your recovery.

Our inpatient rehab community is made up of individuals just like you. Everyone in our program is focused on success. The peer support at our residential rehab campus provides support to help you find success. Ready to make the transition to leading a sober, happy life? The road to addiction recovery takes immense strength, courage, support and guidance. Residential rehabilitation at our unique addiction treatment center is a major step in the right direction.

Beautiful Inpatient Rehab Facility

Our facility is located on a 3-acre sober-living alcohol and drug treatment facility. We’re nestled less than a mile from the beautiful beaches of sunny South Florida. We provide a safe and serene campus environment and a community of supportive peers.

Comprehensive FL inpatient Treatment

The Florida House Experience’s residential rehab program offers the best in comprehensive addiction treatment. We provide long term inpatient rehab treatment to both men and women. We also provide specialized residential rehab treatment for people suffering from Dual Diagnosis. Dual Diagnosis is when a drug or alcohol addict is also diagnosed with psychiatric problems.

During residential rehab, you are given the opportunity to apply newly learned behaviors. You will assume responsibility for yourself and your own recovery. This includes pursuit of job opportunities and recovery skills. Residential rehabilitation services also include recovery support services.

During rehab we will help you develop the building blocks to strengthen your core. We promote self-sufficiency and encourage community participation. Some skills we teach you are: budgeting, job hunting, food preparation, grocery shopping, exercise and healthy leisure time activities. We encourage whole body recovery through yoga classes and our state-of-the-art gym. We also connect you to a sober community with a great peer support system.

The Florida House Experience also places emphasis on the family system in our inpatient rehab program. Our monthly group focuses on education, family dynamics and whole family recovery.

The clinical components of our inpatient rehab at The Florida House Experience include:
  • Individual Therapy.

  • Group Therapy Sessions.

  • Specialty Group Therapy Sessions.

  • Meditation and Spirituality Workshops.

  • Recreational Therapy.

  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Services.

  • 12-Step Meetings.

  • Health/Wellness and Nutrition.

  • Yoga and Fitness Center.

Day/Night Residential Rehab

Phase One is intensive a residential rehab day/night treatment. It is designed for patients who are in need of intensive clinical services in a residential environment. This phase of our addiction treatment process is designed to assist clients in developing a work-life balance. Patients are given the opportunity to build a network of healthy, sober peer and community support. Building a support system is vital to long term recovery. Other drug rehab centers have referred patients to our residential rehabilitation program for additional intensive clinical care. We offer the resources necessary to help our patients find and maintain sobriety.

Residential rehab day/night treatment at The Florida House Experience includes a minimum of 30 hours each week of therapy. Therapy ranges from psycho-educational therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy. Each patient works with his or her primary therapist while in residential rehab. We challenge our patients to confront their own negative behaviors and thought patterns. These problems can trap them in the cycle of addiction.

Women’s Programs

Our Women’s Program is tailored specifically to the unique challenges facing women. We know that women face different challenges than men. Because of this, our women’s program is custom tailored for the women that join our residential rehab programs.

Working Professionals Programs

We have a working professional’s program that is geared to working professionals. We understand that working professionals can struggle with disease of alcoholism or drug addiction. Our working professional’s program is custom designed to help you maintain your own schedule.

Family Centered Programs

We strongly encourage the participation of families in our treatment programs through our Family Outreach program. The support of family is one of the most important aspects to recovery. We encourage having your family participate in many aspects of our inpatient rehab programs.

Specialized Programs

In case the residential rehabilitation program is not what you are looking for, we also offer the following specialized programs:

Join us in sunny South Florida for Residential Rehabilitation

The Florida House Experience welcomes Florida residents and out of state residents. We offer residential rehab and a comprehensive addiction treatment program. We have helped clients from all over the United States begin leading fulfilling, sober lives through our residential rehab program. Our Alumni and clients are a testament to the success of our addiction treatment programs, including inpatient rehab.

Please contact our highly experienced and compassionate counselors NOW at 1-866-421-6242 to discuss residential rehabilitation options or answer any other questions and concerns. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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