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Alcoholism is a serious condition in the US. Up to $60 billion is used by local governments to battle this societal disease. Alcoholism is the root of other serious issues including drunk driving, depression and even suicide. One of the most successful solutions to this deadly problem is Florida alcohol rehabilitation. Florida is a famous hub for attracting drug traffickers and illegal alcohol trade, probably due to its location along coastlines and proximity to countries in Latin America.

Is this a grave matter? According to the National of drunk driving:

  • 40% of residents in Florida have a family Highway Traffic Safety Administration as half of all vehicular accidents happen because of a member who is an alcoholic.
  • 60% of teenagers in the state have been drunk even before turning 18.
  • 20% of suicides in the US are alcohol-related.
  • Alcoholism is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US.


The Florida House Experience is one such Florida alcohol rehabilitation center. It has the following facilities to make the alcohol rehabilitation healing process smooth and healthy:

  • Lodging facilities – Patients will be given dedicated 24-hour service, often at 2:1 ratios between health personnel and patients. This is to be able to accommodate your emotional and medical needs.
  • Recreational facilities – To create a relaxing environment, patients will have access to facilities like swimming pools, reading rooms and gardens. All these are meant to promote a stress-free environment and give you room to think about your life and rebuild it.
  • Family rooms – Patients will find themselves sharing stories and experiences with other people who are undergoing or have undergone the same challenges. Centers will have special counselors and family rooms meant to encourage open sharing of thoughts and feelings. Communication, after all, is the first step to healing.
  • Classrooms – Workshops are held by counselors and previous patients. This is a special from of group therapy. Here, several topics are discussed, not only alcoholism but also personal life goals, meditation techniques and religious counseling.
  • Florida Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers, The Florida House Experience goes beyond being a treatment facility by being a personal community as well. You are given the opportunity to feel like you belong in an environment where everyone understands you. You can afford the best treatment – Call now for payment options! Our caring counselors are standing by right now to help you. Call us today, we are here to help you around the clock 365 days a year.

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Addiction Recovery Testimonials

Florida House gave me the tools to learn how to cope with life and I got my life back. Life happens, but today I have coping skills to deal without drinking or using.-Karen more

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