Alcohol Detox & Alcohol Rehab

What Is Alcohol Detox?

When alcohol is present in your body, liver cells are forced to first metabolize the alcohol, which causes fatty acids to accumulate in your liver. Alcohol metabolism permanently changes the cell structure in your liver, impairing its ability to metabolize fats. When excessive amounts of alcohol enter your body, the enzymes in your liver can’t handle all of the alcohol and excess alcohol travels to other parts of your body. Chronic alcohol abuse not only depletes the necessary nutrients your body needs, but also interferes with the the natural metabolic process of nutrients by your body, leading to damage of the liver, digestive system, and nearly every bodily organ. Chronic alcohol abuse, or alcoholism, is correlated not only with liver disease and pancreatitis, but also cardiovascular disease, cancer, and damage to the nervous system.

From this perspective, alcohol detox is a preventative measure. Alcoholism has already consumed a large part of your life that alcohol treatment is necessary. Alcohol detox rids your body of poisonous and harmful alcohol toxins that have rendered your body as physically dependent.

Is Alcohol Detox Safe?

Alcohol detox is the first step in alcoholism treatment. Detox is an extremely important step prior to alcohol treatment that rinses the body from alcohol toxins. The detox period for alcoholics can be an extremely challenging period as physical withdrawal symptoms can occur. We know that alcoholism is a physically addicting disease, therefore, a person may suffer from tremors, severe anxiety, convulsions, or hallucinations. These withdrawal symptoms are common, but they are also serious. Therefore, when an individual undergoes alcohol detox, they are highly recommended to undergo a medically supervised detox with the highest safety and security from medical professionals that monitor your progress. These professionals are adept in detox and addiction treatment. If an individual tries a self-induced “cold turkey” approach to alcohol detox, they may find themselves likely to relapse and are putting themselves in danger of the negative side effects without proper supervision.

Alcohol detox under medical supervision is the safest way of undergoing detox and beginning alcohol treatment with the highest chances of success.

The Need for Alcohol Rehab after Alcohol Detox

An alcohol rehab program following alcohol detox is highly recommended for an individual seeking sobriety in alcohol treatment. Alcohol detox is the first step, but is only the first step. Alcoholism rehab must continue in order to effectively battle the disease of alcohol addiction. Because of the physically addicting nature of alcoholism, alcohol rehab is the best way for an individual to challenge themselves under professional help for alcohol abuse.

During alcohol rehab, the individual will tackle the physical and psychological addiction to alcohol. Once alcohol detox is complete, intensive counseling is generally the core of alcohol rehabilitation. Counseling in alcohol rehab will address personal and social aspects of alcoholism in both individual counseling and group counseling sessions. The recovering alcoholic will be able to engage with others who share the same struggle in alcohol addiction, but have chosen alcohol rehab and alcohol treatment to quit drinking and seek lasting sobriety. Alcohol rehab also includes 12-Step meetings, relapse prevention, and therapeutic treatment.

Alcohol addiction treatment

Even as an individual progresses through their alcohol rehab and alcohol treatment, a client with The Florida House Experience alcohol rehab program receives aftercare services. The battle with alcoholism is a long, strenuous process where an individual will constantly face the potential for relapse in a society where drinking is commonly accepted. Our alcohol services address relapse prevention and behavioral applications of life skills to combat potential “triggers.” Making the decision to quit drinking is a choice that takes strength, courage, and dedication. The Florida House Experience will be with you through all stages of alcohol detox, alcohol rehab, sober living, and even aftercare as an alumni.

Effective Alcohol Rehab with The Florida House Experience

alcohol rehab

If drinking has caused problems in your life or is causing problems in your life now, making the decision to quit drinking is a big decision. It is a big decision and the right decision. The Florida House Experience staff understands the consequences that alcoholism has had on yourself and the others around you. We also understand that depression, anxiety, and other mental or emotional illnesses can be a common occurrence during this time. Our professional staff is equipped with the knowledge and skill to address any co-occurring disorders in existence with your alcohol addiction.

Individuals that enter our alcohol detox and alcohol rehab program receive an evaluation by medical detoxification staff to determine modalities of treatment and any medications necessary to assist with your alcohol detox, dual diagnosis for co-occurring disorders, and withdrawal symptoms. We recognize that each individual’s alcoholism is unique to their person dependent on their situation.

The features of The Florida House Experience drug and alcohol rehab are:

  • Quality Clinical and Medical Care
  • Cost-Effective and Affordable Prices
  • Long Term Addiction Treatment and Continuum of Care
  • Licensed and Trained Medical Professionals
  • Private Detox and Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities
  • Serene and Peaceful Sober Living Environment
  • Located in sunny South Florida, under a mile from the beaches
  • Committed and Dedicated Counselors, Therapists, and Staff

In the words of our CEO, the mission of the Florida House Experience is to provide “a safe haven where you or your loved one have access to quality, consistent, affordable, long-term treatment and recovery on our all encompassing serene, 3 acre, beautifully landscaped tropical campus.” Please contact our Florida House Staff to find out more about alcohol detox and alcohol rehab at our premier addiction treatment center at 866-421-6242. We are here to help you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Remember, if you don’t get help with us, please get help somewhere.

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