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Scarface is one of the most popular crime films of all time, starring Hollywood icons Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer. The movie, set in the criminal underworld of Miami, Florida, highlighted drug trafficking, alcoholism and crime. Sadly, this film reflects a dire reality in Florida. Although set 20 years ago, the reality portrayed in Scarface is still very much the same today – Florida continues to be a hub for drug and alcohol addiction, especially with its ties to Cuba and illegal traders along the coast.

Alcohol rehabilitation and drug treatment centers have been created to battle this social problem. They use special programs, both medical and psychological in nature, to help people recover from addiction. The Florida House Experience, a Florida alcohol rehabilitation center, offers a mix of detoxification, family counseling and innovation programs to help you.

Florida Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, The Florida House Experience offers various levels of treatment based on your needs. In-house and out-patient services are available. Patients can opt to stay in the rehabilitation center for personalized 24-hour service and to get the chance to share experiences with people going through the same experience. Others can have out-patient services if they are more comfortable with this.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, The Florida House deals with several ailments. These are: depression, anger management, sexual identity issues, relapse prevention and eating disorders, to name a few. All of these may occur alongside more serious conditions such as alcoholism or substance addiction.

The company has a special Drug and Alcohol Detoxification program. Detoxification is commonly used for dieting, such as when a person is trying to get rid of unnecessary fats in the body by going through a strict diet and sleeping schedule. Drug and alcohol detoxification works very much the same way, using discipline and a tested regimen to help you rid yourself of drugs and alcohol permanently. In this program, patients are given round-the-clock personalized service, at a 2:1 ratio. The center has lodging facilities for 14 private guests, allowing dedicated care for each person.

Sunlight Recovery is another program that uses the power of counseling and emotional therapy. This is also done in-house and dedicates time to individual and group therapy sessions. Therapy periods can be as brief as 30 days to a more intensive 90 days.




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Florida House gave me the tools to learn how to cope with life and I got my life back. Life happens, but today I have coping skills to deal without drinking or using.-Karen more

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