Drug Detox and Drug Rehab

What Is Drug Detox in Florida?

Drug detox is the process by which your body purges poisonous and harmful toxins as a result of long term drug abuse. Drug detox is generally the first step in drug treatment prior to entering drug rehabilitation in a drug addiction treatment center. The purpose of drug detox is to provide your body with a physical and mental readiness to battle the disease of drug addiction by relieving your chemical dependency from drug abuse.

Drug detox in Florida generally refers to detoxification from all types of drugs. To be more specific, detox is tailored to the individual’s drug addiction situation, including drug history, length of drug abuse, medical conditions, co-occurring disorders, among other things. If an individual suffers from cocaine addiction, then cocaine detox would be the first step in their cocaine treatment program. Opiate detox, heroin detox, crystal meth detox, and prescription drub abuse detox are all specific drug detox methods prior to drug treatment.

Drug detox breaks the physical addiction to an individual’s drug of abuse by physically cleansing the body internally. By doing so, you are purging your system of the drug entirely so that it is no longer physically or chemically dependent. All withdrawal symptoms and psychological aspects that typically accompany the drug detox process, which can seem scary and discouraging, are addressed by professional medical staff that monitor and supervise your drug detox progress. Fear, anxiety, and depression are common during drug detox in Florida, but do not go unanswered under proven drug detox methods. An altruistic, caring professional staff is the key to support in your drug detox. The Florida House Experience clinical and medical staff understands the needs for safety and security during drug detox with effective drug treatment and quality care.

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Is Drug Detox Safe?

A medically supervised drug detox is the safest and most recommended way of undergoing detox. Compared with individuals who attempt a self home detox, medical detox offers the complete professional and medical supervision from licensed and skilled clinical and medical staff. The intensity of the drug detox period, a period where your body may go through withdrawal symptoms and behavioral changes as a result of abstinence, can be more extreme than anticipated. Therefore, to protect the individual under all circumstances, medical supervision is highly recommended during drug detox for the safest and most secure approach to drug detox.

There is no need to be alarmed about entering drug detox. Professionals in the field of addiction treatment have dedicated their lives to helping individuals overcome drug addiction. This includes extensive knowledge and training in handling patients during drug detox and drug rehab. Rest assured, at The Florida House Experience, we know that you are entrusting us with the life of yourself or your loved one and are committed to providing the highest quality care and specialized attention through all phases of addiction treatment at our drug rehab center.

The Need for Drug Rehab after Drug Detox

For complete recovery from drug addiction, entering drub rehab should immediately follow drug detox in Florida. Drug rehab provides comprehensive treatment from clinical and medical professionals. In general, therapy, mandatory meetings, group support, workshops, and learning new life skills are apart of the benefits of a drug rehab program. Drug detox simply purges your body from toxins that remain in your system after drug abuse, but drug rehab further addresses the addiction aspect of recovery. How do you battle the propensity of relapse, especially in situations that may trigger a craving for drugs? Relapse prevention is one of the components of drug rehab. Drug rehab also maneuvers a person towards a positive direction, where ones priorities no longer revolve around drugs, but instead focus on one’s family, social life, and career. Getting professional addiction help and following through with drug rehab will likely increase your chances of vanquishing your drug addiction for long lasting sobriety.

Effective Drug Rehab with The Florida House Experience

The Florida House Experience provides a safe place for you or your loved one to undergo drug detox at our sister facility detox center. Our medical professionals are available with proper assistance around the clock for your individualized care through drug detox and drug rehab. They are knowledgeable and skilled in addressing co-occurring disorders from dual diagnosis and dealing with physical and mental withdrawal symptoms that may occur during your drug treatment. We emphasize the dedication and commitment of not only our medical professionals, but our clinical and administrative staff during your stay at our drug rehab center. Healthy connections with the professionals facilitating your drug detox and drug rehab are an important part of your overall drug recovery. Not only do these drug rehab professionals serve as your doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, therapist, or counselor, but they are also your mentors for guidance in the path to sobriety.

The Florida House Experience’s detox, alcohol and drug rehab center is a private facility located in Deerfield Beach, FL, with the beautiful, luscious backdrop of sunny South Florida and the tropical beaches. You will feel serene and relaxed on our sober living campus where others share the similar stories as you in the battle with drug addiction.

We also provide long term drug rehab treatment for a continuum of care. Drug detox is only the beginning of your drug treatment. You will progress through our phases of drug rehab and continue through our sober living community to one day become apart of our Florida House Alumni. All of these aspects of our drug addiction treatment are also at a cost-effective perspective. We understand the need for affordability during drug detox and drug rehab and provide you with low-cost options without lessening the degree of quality in drug treatment.

Please contact our Florida House Staff to find out more about drug detox and drug rehab at our premier addiction treatment center at 866-421-6242. We are here to help you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Remember, if you don’t get help with us, please get help somewhere.

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