What is Addiction Treatment

Why do I need Addiction Treatment?

Many times, we don’t notice our loved one’s drug abuse or alcohol abuse until it’s too late. Even recreational drinking may not appear harmful and justified by the drinker. Sometimes, unfortunately, recreational drug abuse is often dismissed by the drug user as a one-time occurrence. The point to which drug abuse or alcohol abuse turns into addiction often goes unchallenged by the individual as their body and mind develop an internal need for the drug. As time progresses and the individual continues their substance abuse, they have developed the disease of addiction. You think you can stop at your own will and that your drug abuse will not interfere with your life. There is a point, however, when the downward spiral of drug addiction and/or alcoholism has led you so far, but when is too far? Will it be too late?

It is never too late to quit your drug addiction or alcoholism. The best way to do so is by entering addiction treatment. By entering addiction treatment you are providing yourself with the best opportunity to overcome the disease of addiction and to lead a fulfilling, sober life. You are not alone in your battle with addiction. There is an entire network of support with recovering addicts who have gone through the same situation as you. Everyone is affected by drug addiction and alcoholism to some degree, but no one discourages the need for addiction rehabilitation. Addiction help is out there and ready for you to commit to. Seeking addiction treatment is a positive step in the right direction for a long lasting fulfilling life of sobriety.


When will we recognize our loved one’s drug addiction or alcoholism? At any point, if you see negative changes in your loved one’s behavior, abruptness or aggression in their behavior, or loss of interest in their work, hobbies, and even personal hygiene, it is indicative of a problem in their life. This problem may be drug addiction or alcoholism. If so, there is a need for addiction treatment. Family members and friends may often be torn on learning of their loved one’s substance abuse, but the individual himself is blind to his own addiction. Therefore, someone must take the initiative to challenge their loved one’s drug addiction and alcoholism and enter them into an addiction treatment program. Whether it is yourself who recognizes your addiction, or family member or friend, it is imperative that you or your loved one enters rehab treatment.

What should I know about Addiction Treatment?

Addition treatment may seem like a scary concept. Where does one begin? The journey in addiction treatment may seem long and you may begin to doubt your success as a recovering addict. However, you should know that these feelings are common. Fear and anxiety are common during addiction treatment. More importantly, you should know that you are not alone. There are people who have sought to make a change for the best and entered addiction treatment. Not only are there others like you who have successfully overcome their battle with addiction, but they also felt the initial fears in entering addiction treatment.

Find comfort in knowing that there is hope. There are others who share your grief and who have experienced the grips of drug addiction and alcoholism. Choosing addiction treatment to help battle this addiction is a positive step in the right direction. There are addiction specialists, doctors and nurses, counselors and therapists all dedicated in the field of addiction treatment to help you through this challenging time in your life. Their knowledge and dedication in the field of addiction treatment provides you with the best opportunity to vanquish the disease of addiction and return to your life with a brand new outlook.

Rehab programs are designed specifically for addiction treatment. Each addiction center has general phases of rehab treatment. The Florida House Experience, for example, has four phases of addiction treatment after initial detoxification. These addiction treatment or rehab programs are residential rehabilitation, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and sober living. The Florida House Experience’s continuum of care does not end at sober living, but continues through to our alumni and aftercare services as well.

Can I stop my drug addiction and alcoholism with Addiction Treatment?

Fighting the disease of addiction takes strength, courage, dedication, and commitment. You may reluctant to trying to battle your drug addiction or alcoholism alone. The most important thing for you to know is that you are not alone in this process. Where there is a will, there is a way. Professionals have dedicated their lives to the field of addiction treatment for this very purpose. You can make a change in your life. You can stop your substance abuse and lead a fulfilling, sober life. Substance abuse does not have to tear your life apart, including friends, family, and your career and your finances. Comprehensive addiction treatment services will teach you new behaviors and life skills for continuing success in your addiction recovery and relapse prevention. Addiction therapy, support groups, meetings, and workshops are all integrated into addiction treatment programs to facilitate your recovery. The Florida House Experience’s treatment philosophy will teach you that sober way of life is a natural way of life. You will be able to return to your family and loved ones with a positive outlook and ready to pursue your dreams and career goals. With proven addiction help, you can put your battle with the disease of addiction to an end.

How do I find the right Addiction Treatment Center for me?

Finding the right addiction treatment center to address your substance abuse can be a difficult task. There are drug rehab centers in every state that provide addiction treatment services. In your search for the right addiction treatment program for you, it is recommended that you speak directly with the staff at the addiction treatment center to learn the details of their services. Some drug rehab centers provide traditional 14 to 28 day courses of treatment, but may not offer on-site detox programs, dual diagnosis, or long term drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment. Other important things to consider about an addiction treatment center and its programs are cost, effectiveness, client testimonials, professional recognition, and even the friendliness and professionalism of an addiction treatment center’s staff.

We encourage you to research addiction treatment centers so that you are comfortable when entering the program you have chosen. Addiction treatment at The Florida House Experience is unlike any other addiction treatment center. The Florida House Experience provides comprehensive addiction treatment with quality care at an affordable price. We believe in cost-effective addiction treatment while upholding the highest quality care in a private and intimate environment where each individual receives specialized attention. In the words of our CEO, the mission of the Florida House Experience is to provide “a safe haven where you or your loved one have access to quality, consistent, affordable, long-term treatment and recovery on our all encompassing serene, 3 acre, beautifully landscaped tropical campus.”

Alcohol addiction treatment and drug addiction rehab is provided at our nationally recognized addiction center. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs or addiction intervention, please contact our staff at The Florida House Experience at 866-421-6242. We are here to help you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Florida House gave me the tools to learn how to cope with life and I got my life back. Life happens, but today I have coping skills to deal without drinking or using.-Karen more

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