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A Continuum of Care in Your Lifelong Recovery Journey

Recovery and sustained sobriety is a lifelong process and does not – and should not – end upon completion of any addiction treatment or recovery program. For this reason, The Florida House Experience team is dedicated to providing a continuum of long-term care, support and guidance that does not end at discharge. Our graduating Alumni continue to be active members of our ‘Florida House Family,’ attending weekly meetings, participating in community events, and serving as role models to newcomers struggling with the disease of drug addiction or alcoholism.

The Florida House Alumni is a family.

Alumni participating in an aftercare meeting

We recognize that the roll of Alumni is very important. As our new family members are completing their treatment, they are introduced into the Alumni family. They are encouraged to attend our local and very successful weekly alumni meeting from 7:00pm to 9:00pm every Wednesday at the former Brooks restaurant building, directly across the Florida House Campus. We get to experience a positive environment that has a very strong recovery message & really great food. It’s catered by JoJo’s café, our upscale café.

 The Alumni are very proud of the fact that our members have between one month and multiple years in recovery. Speakers also come in from the outside recovery community to share their experience, strength, and hope. We also have a monthly family get together that always has a big turnout. Whether it’s bowling, snorkeling or just going out for pizza, it always comes back to family.

 Those returning back to their home states are kept in touch with even more because of the distance, which is done via the telephone, our Alumni newsletter and a our various social media websites


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 We are always there for each other, dedicating time and love, always striving for better communication and connection to each other. “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

 We are one of the few treatment centers that have a fully functioning Alumni group. Alumni coordinators Josh Zeises and Meg McKenna can be reached at any time. Call Josh at 954-862-8951  or Meg at 954-422-1347.

The Florida House Experience Alumni Services and Aftercare

At The Florida House Experience, we continue to provide support to each individual’s long term addiction recovery through the lasting bonds they have built with our dedicated staff. Our staff fully understands the breadth of the journey you have overcome. The battle with addiction is difficult and the strength you have developed to make a change for the better is the primary source of your ability to stand tall as an Alumni of our addiction treatment programs.

Alumni are always welcome back to our campus and to maintain communication with our staff. Not only have we succeeded in seeing you on your way to long lasting sobriety, but we have developed a deeper connection with you. The Florida House Experience will always welcome you as a member of our ‘Florida House Family.’ We applaud your new found ability to live and lead a sober way of life, naturally, and encourage you to enlighten others about the positive change you have made in your life, especially for those who are just beginning their journey to addiction recovery.

Our Alumni Staff

Meg McKenna, Alumni Coordinator, 954-422-1347

Meg McKenna, Alumni CoordinatorOriginally from Massachusetts, I came to the Florida House Experience as a patient in November of 2010. The best part about being given the opportunity to be an Alumni Coordinator is the “Alumni” part.  I will never forget where I came from.  I came through here just like all of the rest; very broken, unsure, hopeless, and full of fear.  The Florida House Experience not only helped me get back on my feet, but led me into a new life I never thought I would never have.  Getting to work with others just like me is a blessing, and it’s certainly nice to see the faces of those when I tell them, “trust me…it does get better, I’ve done the same thing”.   In Alumni we are a family that shares their experiences with each other, good and bad.  I can sit and chat with a fellow Alumni brother or sister and talk about struggles or challenges, and completely understand.   On the upswing, we get to hang out in large groups, have dinner, take time to play, laugh at the small stuff, and actually enjoy sobriety.  We may come from all different states, careers, and backgrounds, but we all share a common ground.  I am lucky to be a part of this family and know that I’m not’s one of the best parts about recovery.   

Alumni near and far will continue to receive the Florida House Alumni newsletter via email every week.  We stay connected as a family as best as we can, offering support, hosting activities, and even volunteering in our community together.  We also support one another by passing on what we have to the new members of Alumni, by chairing or speaking at meetings in the area.   Alumni are encouraged to stay in touch no matter where you are, because it’s no secret that we need each other for continued support and hope.  So please feel free to contact me at or my Facebook page if you need anything or would like to let us know how things are going.  Either way, your family is here for you!    

Josh Zeises, Alumni Coordinator, 954-862-8951 

Josh Zeises, Alumni CoordinatorI got onto a plane with a one-way ticket to Florida and was hopeless, homeless, and had what was left of my life in one bag.  The reason that I believe so much in what alumni has to offer, is because it helped me to resurrect my life when I personally left the Florida House.  I also now get to watch one alumnus after another recover from the seemingly hopeless disease of alcohol and drug addiction.  To watch men and women walk through the doors with not much more than a mustard seed of hope, and build little by slowly upon that until they flourish into productive members of society living happy, joyous, and free is one of the beautiful miracles I have been afforded by my recovery.  I was in a downward spiral of alcohol abuse and addiction to heroin among other substances.  I can now use those past experiences as an invaluable asset to let our alumni know that, “I too have been right where you are and can help show you the way out”.  The fellowship amongst our returning alumni is indescribable and we are able to unite on many fronts and do incredible things.  We do tons of charity in the community, get together for fun and relaxing outings, have a support group dinner and meeting every Wednesday night, and constantly visit with individuals who are still in treatment.  That last part is most important to me when we are able to show patients that there is truly a life worth living and that the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter than they could have ever imagined.  Having been there, alumni including myself, can bear witness to the miracles and freedom of living an alcohol and drug free life.

The opportunity to be an Alumni Coordinator with the treatment center that saved my life is truly a blessing words cannot describe.  Each and every day I have the opportunity to work alongside people who truly care about the success of each individual that walks through the doors of the Florida House.  I am always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached by phone at 954-862-8951, e-mail at, or my Facebook page.

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